Clergy Serving Saint Andrew Church, Our Lady of the Snows Church and Saint Patrick Church

The pictures on this page are found in the archives of Saint Andrew Church. They include photographs of Bishop de Goësbriand and of most pastors of Saint Andrew Church. There are also several pictures of priests not known to have served the parish.

Bishop Louis de Goësbriand, Bishop of Burlington 1853-1899

Bishop Louis de Goësbriand, became the first Bishop of Burlington in 1853 and founded Saint Andrew Parish in 1869.

Father Joseph Brelivet, pastor 1886-1891

Father Thomas Donahue, pastor 1891-1895

Father Theodule Blais, pastor 1895-1899


Father Theodule Blais was born in 1860, ordained in 1886 and appointed pastor at St. Andrew in 1895. Born, educated and ordained in Quebec, he would have been 35 years old when he became pastor in Waterbury. There is nothing to indicate whether St. Andrew was his first appointment in the Diocese of Burlington or whether he served elsewhere. He died in 1914 ­ only 54 years old.

Father Theodule Blais appears in the St. Andrew parish register as minister for baptisms for the first time on March 10, 1895 and in the marriage register for a wedding on May 26, 1895.

Father John C. McLaughlin, pastor 1899-1900

Father Henry J. Maillet, pastor 1900-1903

Father Thomas Leonard, pastor 1903-1904 (no picture)

Father John A. Lynch, pastor 1904-1906

Father Daniel E. Coffey, pastor 1911-1914

Father Robert Devoy, pastor 1914-1935

Father John M. Dwyer, pastor 1942-1970

Father Charles Fitzpatrick, pastor 1970-1983 (no picture)

Father Bernard Couture, pastor 1983-1990 (no picture)

Father Paul Citti, pastor 1990-1992 (no picture)

Father Kevin Rooney, administrator 1992-1993

Father Donald Ritchie, pastor 1993-2000

Father Bernard W. Bourgeois, pastor 2000-2006

Father Jerome A. Mercure, pastor 2006-

General Father Photos

Father Louis Logue distributing communion to first communicants.

Among the photographs found in parish archives are pictures of three priests who are not known to have server the parish — a Father Legault and two unnamed priests.

Father Legault

The picture of Fr. Legault contains no identification information except “Father Legault” written on the reverse side. There are no other references to him in parish archives. The necrology included in the Blue Book published by the Diocese of Burlington in 1953 as part of the Diocesan Hundredth anniversary celebration contains a reference to a Father Theodore Legault, SSE who died in 1945. Other sources indicate the priests from St. Michael’s College assisted pastors of Saint Andrew Church with Sunday masses during the first half of the twentieth century, this may explain the connection between Father Legault and the parish.

The two unknown and unnamed priests are pictured below: