Liturgy Schedule for This Week

Day Month Date Time Church Intention
Saturday January 11 4:00 PM St. Andrew Church Freddy Putvain and Alton Gardner, Sr. by Patty Gardner
Saturday January 11 6:00 PM Our Lady of the Snows Verla Carter-Graves and Irene Loreto by Gio Susini
Sunday January 12 9:00 AM St. Andrew Church John and Wanda Persons by family
Sunday January 12 11:00 AM St. Patrick Church Michael Yacavoni by Mary Lynn Percy
Monday January 13 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Parishioners and Visitors
Tuesday January 14 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Mike Wood by Marsha Wood
Wednesday January 15 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Special Intention of Jeanne Penoyar by Agnes Milne
Thursday January 16 No Mass
Friday January 17 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Wanda Persons by family
Saturday January 18 4:00 PM St. Andrew Church Mass
Saturday January 18 6:00 PM Our Lady of the Snows John King by Barbara King
Sunday January 19 9:00 AM St. Andrew Church Mass
Sunday January 19 11:00 AM St. Patrick Church Fr. John Michael Sherlock by Gio Susini

Last Weekends Collections

Parish Offertory Insurance Fuel
St. Andrew Parish - New Year's Mass $497; Regular $1451; Online Giving $245 $189 416
Our Lady of the Snows/Saint Patrick Parish New Year's Masses $517; Regular $625; Online Giving $140 $15




Message from Father Jerry

This weekend is the Baptism of the Lord, concluding the Church’s celebration of Christmas (the Nativity/Incarnation of the Lord).  The Church needs the time to reflect and ponder the multiple events in the Birth of Christ such as the Angel’s appearance to Mary, Joseph’s role, the shepherds, the star and the Kings, concluding with the Baptism.  Now that Jesus is much older, it is fitting to celebrate the completion of the Christmas Season with the Baptism, the beginning of the reason for his Birth; proclaiming the Kingdom of God in word and deed.  We also hear the eternal Father’s words “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  These are words expressed at our own Baptism.  May we be his beloved sons and daughters in fact and deed.   Father Jerry



Knights of Columbus Monthly Meeting

The Knights of Columbus will hold their next monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 14th at 7 PM in the Rectory.  All members encouraged to attend.



Reminder:  Monthly Food Shelf Appeal on the 2nd Weekend of each Month

Baskets are available at the entrance of each church to accept your nonperishable food and personal care items. Monetary donations also welcome – please drop your check, payable to your local Food Shelf, in the collection basket at Mass; cash donations should be placed in an envelope marked “Food Shelf”). Thank you for your generosity!



More from Vermont Catholic Magazine

Under the “Working Together” section is an article about the Knights of Columbus annual “Coats for Kids” project, which our own Father Galligan Council #2085 has also been doing for many years. Also, in this section you will read about Joseph’s House in Burlington providing emergency assistance to 35-50 households a month.  In this section there is also an article on “Making Merciful Connection”, describing the work of Joanne Nelson, director of Justice and Mentoring programs for Mercy Connections in Burlington. Read on, there is much more!



Altar Servers for our Three Churches

Students in Grade 3 and Up Invited to become Altar Servers –Let Father Jerry know if interested.



Volunteer(s) Needed to Provide Ride(s) to Mass on the Weekend

Is this something you might consider?  Do you or someone you know need a ride to Mass?  Diana Whitney (802-324-3848) has volunteered to match volunteers with riders.  Mad River Valley Parishioners also have the option to call Free Wheelin’ (802-249-3427) – make your request and if possible a volunteer may be able to arrange a ride outside of their regular published hours.




Christmas Flowers in Our Churches

Donations Received for Flowers in our Churches, from Parishioners of St. Andrew and Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick Parishes, in memory of:

William Anderson and Rev. Louie Logue

Deceased members of the Basile and Kirk families by Kathleen Basile

Beaudry family by Marsha Wood

Special Intentions of the Bergeron family

Marlis Brady by Diana and Jim Whitney

Trevor Clark by Wendy, Gavin and Lenora

Constant and Myers families by Leo and Donna Constant

Paul Conti by Sharon Conti

Rolland Dagenais by Dianne Bilodeau

Special intention of worker(s) in the Delicatessen at Shaw’s

Shirley Eagan by Felix and Gerry Callan

Deceased members of the Godin – Murray families by Pat and Diane Murray

Healy and Helene Grace by Steve and Breta Grace

Robert and Mary Parizio Grace by Steve and Breta Grace

Grow and Buonomo families by Maggie Grow

John Hilferty by Eleanore Hilferty

Albert D. Kelly, Jr. by the Callan Children

John W. King by Barbara King

Lacaillade family by Marsha Wood

Dorothy Lamson by Sandra Williams

Patricia, Donald and Patrick LaRock and Norman and Jane DeSorda, by Diane and Mike LaRock

Mary and Bill Loch by Patty and Gary Kirpan

Lumbra, Magee and O’Brien family

Dorothy Lynch by Sharon Conti 

In loving memory of the deceased members of the Magnus, Vachris, Morrell and Eastman families by the Magnus family

Theresa McLeod by family

Elenor McDonald by Ritchie Russo

Deceased members of the Metayer and White families by Josette and David

Our Parents by Mary and Sam Miller

Patrick Raymond and Leon and Madeline Manahan by Fran and Roy Raymond

Kathleen Paquette and Shirley Eagan by Agnes Milne and   Patty Gardner

Deceased members of the Persons, Wood, Francis and Pike families by family

Podhajski and Kreiling family by Ken and Blanche Kreiling

Phyllis “Gigi” Powers by Sergio and Sile Torres

Phyllis Powers and Bunny Sweet by Bernard and Theresa Sweet

Vernon and Brandon by Bella Preedom

Special Intentions of Robert Saffi

Deceased members of the Scarpato family, Antoinette Bertels and the DeCastro family by Eugene and Virginia Scarpato

William and Marion Smith by the Santin family

Turski and Ramsdell family by Kara and Stuart Ramsdell

Letitia Welch by the Welch family

Deceased members of the Wilder and Barr families by Ann and  Roger Barr

Mike Wood and Kimberly by Marsha Wood




2020 Religious Calendars are available at our three churches

Please help yourselves.  You may want to take one for a neighbor/family member.  We usually have some left over.  These calendars are offered free of charge, compliments of Perkins-Parker Funeral Home.





St. Andrew and Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick Parish Finance Council Members Needed

We have a few slots open beginning January, 2020, to serve a three year term. Meetings are held quarterly. Could this be a service you might consider? Let Father Jerry know if you are interested.  Many thanks to our Finance Council Members, past and present, for your faith, service and devotion to our Parishes.



The following letter was included in our recent weekend Bulletins and sent to our Parishioner email lists:

To the Parishioners and Visitors of St Andrew, Our Lady of the Snows and St. Patrick Churches:

We are writing about parish developments and new fund raising.  For the past 8 years, first the Car Raffles and then the Cash Raffles have worked well.  This year, however, so as not to interfere with a Diocesan Campaign initiative scheduled to begin in 2020 which will include raising funds for all parishes in Vermont, individual parishes have been asked not to do any major fund raising events this year. (More in 2020 about this new Diocesan campaign for vibrant parishes!)

Instead, here at our three churches, social events in 2020 will strengthen our faith communities and raise funds through small admission charges, 50/50 ticket sales, food and drink sales, etc. Tentative plans now include: 

                -Valentine’s Spaghetti Supper with music and dancing on Saturday 2/15/20 at St Leo Hall, Waterbury, featuring the band Still Kickin. Very successful past Spaghetti Suppers have been well attended, fun, festive events!

                – International Dinner or a cook-off

                – Casino Night

                – Concert at Our Lady of the Snows Church in Waitsfield

These fun events will make our parishes more vibrant and collegial—and help us meet our current budgets. Additional suggestions are more than welcome, as are volunteers willing to help facilitate these events – please contact the parish office (244-7734) to pitch in.

 Finally, thank you for giving through raffles, supporting the annual Bishop’s Appeal, and your weekly Offertory donations. Can’t be here every week? Mail a check or –easier!–make Offertory donations and special year-end giving through this website.


Father Jerry Mercure and Volunteers from our Finance Committees and Parishes 



Prayers for the Sick

We pray for Isaiah Callan, Daniel Caplinger, Heidi Cervantes, Chander, George Chalifoux, Suzie Clark, Donna Dalton, Sue Ellsasser, Jason Fowler, Raven Fowler, Jan Gendreau, Sue Haack, John Hofmann, Holly, Brian Kellett, Wayne Lacaillade, Ann Lamarch, Grace Lee, Scott Miller, Joan Potter, Jim Pratt, Nasaiah Torres. Please notify us if anyone you know is unable to attend Mass due to illness, handicap, or age, and would like a Communion visit.



Disciple Maker Survey Results Update

Dear Parishioners:

On behalf of the Action Plan Writing Committee, which has been tasked with analyzing the results of the Catholic Leadership Institute survey that many of you completed and returned, we are pleased to begin sharing those results with you. Additional results will follow over the coming weeks, as both the Writing Committee and the Pastoral Council consider the survey results and determine what actions will best serve our churches in pursuing the themes set forth by the Diocesan Synod: Evangelization, Creating Vibrant Parishes and Improving Communication. As you will see in the results below, and as we have heard in informal feedback from the Diocesan office, our three churches are already well-positioned relative to these themes. That said, there is always room for improvement, which is the point of the parish action plans currently under development.


Initial survey results:

  • 88% of respondents characterized our churches as welcoming, which is more than five percentage points higher than the Diocesan average for all Vermont churches, and is considered a statistically significant result.
  • 87% agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend our churches to others. This needs some context, however, as only 13% indicated they had invited someone to Mass, and only 10% had ever invited someone to a parish activity.
  • Fully 40% of respondents engage monthly or more frequently in church-related or secular volunteer work of some sort, with an additional 42% indicating they perform volunteer work either quarterly or occasionally.
  • 79% identified St Andrew’s, St Patrick’s or Our Lady of the Snows as their primary place of worship, with an additional 16% identifying one of the churches as their primary place of worship, but on a seasonal basis.
  • 78% agreed or strongly agreed that the parish they attend helps their spiritual growth.

Evangelization, which has not generally been a focus for lay Catholics, is one theme identified by the Synod for special attention. Watch for announcements about parish action plans to address this (which will not include going door-to-door distributing Catholic brochures!).

With three parishes that are more welcoming than average, and strong agreement that the parishes help with personal spiritual growth, please think about sharing the opportunity to join one of our parish communities with someone you know who may appreciate an invitation to join a supportive, welcoming faith community.

As a “baby step” towards evangelization, you might consider inviting someone who has attended one of our churches in the past, but not recently, to join us at the upcoming parish picnic on September 8th – they would certainly be welcome!                                                                                

Committee Members:  Jim Whitney (Chair), Rita Baglini, John Riley, Dianne Bilodeau, Rev. Jerome A. Mercure




Online Giving Available!

You can now make your weekly Offertory donation online! Simply go to the home page of this Website.   Look for the “Giving” options at the top right side of the home page and select your parish. Note that you have the option to donate by credit card or auto-deduction from your bank account. Enter your personal information and select how often you wish to donate. You will see that there is also the option to make a “one time” donation.   Please be assured that none of your personal credit card or bank information is given to us. Our online giving provider, PaymentSpring, a certified Level 1 service provider, automatically integrates with our new parish directory (Gabriel) so that all of your online donations are credited to your personal parish account in real time, eliminating the need for our bookkeeper to transfer your donations to your account manually. Registering is usually quick and easy, but if you need help call Dianne at the parish office for assistance.  To those of you who have been asking for this feature – thank you for your patience!




2019 Annual Bishop’s Appeal

      “Today I write to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the parishioners of Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick Parish for achieving your 2019 Annual Appeal…In this year of the Call to Discipleship our mission is to spread the Good News throughout the State of Vermont.  We could not be successful without all of you.  I pray for all parishioners of Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick.  Yours in Christ!  Bishop Christopher J Coyne” (from a letter from Bishop Coyne).

      With many thanks and appreciation for the always amazing generosity of parishioners, seasonal and frequent visitors.  Father Jerry


Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick Parish has received 112% of its goal of $16,249. 

St. Andrew Parish has received 89% of its goal of $20,913.

Thank you!!



Parish Directory Update

If you would like us to keep you informed of special events coming up in our parishes in a timely manner, just send your current email address to the rectory office at:  rccoffice@gmavt.net and we will add you to our email list. 



“Letter to a Suffering Church

 “Letter to a Suffering Church” by Bishop Robert Barron is a book/letter written to Catholics speaking on the sexual abuse crisis. Why stay Catholic with so much scandal? In Bishop Barron’s words “I have written this book for my fellow Catholics who feel, understandably, demoralized, scandalized, angry beyond words, and ready to quit.”   With the latest statistics showing that 36% of Catholic are contemplating leaving the Church, this book is most welcome and helpful – we have re-stocked our supply of this timely publication – copies are available at no charge at all three churches.



Free CDs, Books and Pamphlets

Check out the free CDs, books and pamphlets that are available at all three churches. We recently received this generous donation of a huge amount of Lighthouse Catholic CDs from St. Joseph Parish, Nashua, NH.  These are all free of charge – please help yourself. 



Youth Religious Education Classes

In addition to the information provided below, please check out the Religious Education section of this website which can be found on our home page.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd – Levels I, II and III

Classes for ages 3 through 6th grade are held on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 PM.  Questions? Contact CGS Coordinator Amy Miller at 249-8888; email:  amymillernp@yahoo.com.


Traditional Religious Education Program

Classes for Grades 7 and a Confirmation class for students in Grades 8, 9 on Sundays from 10 – 11 AM.  NOTE:  Questions?  Contact Father Jerry at 244-7734; email: jamercure@rccwwm.org.


Classes for both programs are held in St. Leo Hall, located behind St. Andrew Church in Waterbury.  A schedule of classes and newsletter were emailed to registered. Contact the Rectory (244-7734) if you did not receive this email, if you have questions, or to register your child for classes in either of our programs. 




Counseling Services Available Through Vermont Catholic Charities

Affordable counseling services available. People seek counseling for many different reasons: a crisis, a loss, a major life change, substance abuse, or to improve relationships.  With convenient offices in South Burlington, St. Albans, Rutland and Middlebury, our experienced clinicians and psychiatrist are here to help.  We accept private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and we offer a sliding scale fee. If you or someone you know needs support, please call (802) 658-6111, ext. 1318.



Other News in the Area


Valley Players – Waitsfield

Valley Players opens January 17th with “Out of Sight…Out of Murder”, a mystery-comedy, and runs for 3 weekends in Waitsfield.  Mad River Valley Interfaith Council (MRVIC), will provide cookies and baked goods for the intermission, with proceeds from donations going to the MRVIC for charitable works.  The local churches of the Valley (Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick, along with Moretown United and Jewish Community Group) and their congregations wishing to donate baked goods may call Sharon Kellermann (793-8362) or email:  sharoninvt@madriver.com for more information.  Thank you!




St. Monica Church, Barre – 40 Days for Life Campaign – the Beginning of the End of Abortion

From February 26 to April 5 local community members will unite through fasting, prayer or peaceful vigil with many others from coast to coast for a major simultaneous pro-life mobilization –  the 40 Days for Life Campaign.  We also need people to assist after Masses in signing up volunteers.

Our next organizational meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 14th at 5:30 PM at St. Monica Church in Barre.  Please join us to find out how to help.

You can help through prayer and fasting or by attending a vigil session. For more information visit https://www.40daysforlife.com/barre, or contact Tom Kelly (802) 224-6309.




Friends of Central Vermont Foster Parent Association – Supporting our Local Foster Parents

If you are interested in learning more about the needs of local foster parents, send a message in Facebook messenger to Amy Anderson and she will add you to the group.




Christ the King School, Burlington Open House

Christ the King Catholic School serving learners from 3 years old through 8th grade, will host an Open House on Thursday, January 30th from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Teachers will be present and classrooms will be open with student work displayed. Guests will have the opportunity to explore the school, ask questions, and get a feel for some of the great activities and learning opportunities that make CKS such a special place.  RSVP by contacting admissions@cksvt.org or calling 862-6696. Find us online at www.cksvt.org or on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram by searching for CKSVT.  



French Canadian Supper on Saturday, February 1,  2020 at 5 PM at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church Hall, 64 West Main St, Richmond, VT

 Pea Soup, Meat Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Dessert, Beverages, etc.

$12 suggested donation to benefit the charities of Rosary Council 4684of the Knights of Columbus.  For info call 434-2521(daytime) or 802-872-8063 evenings