Liturgy Schedule for This Week

Day Month Date Time Church Intention
Saturday September 19 4:00 PM St. Andrew's Church Mass
Saturday September 19 6:00 PM Our Lady of the Snows All Parishioners and Visitors
Sunday September 20 9:00 AM St. Andrew's Church Mass
Sunday September 20 11:00 AM St. Patrick's Church Mass
Sunday September 20 5:00 PM St. Andrew's Church Confirmation Retreat Mass
Monday September 21 8:00 AM St. Andrew's Church Rose Mary Morrissey by Agnes Milne
Tuesday September 22 NO MASS
Wednesday September 23 NO MASS (Father Matthew at Bishop Marshall School)
Thursday September 24 8:00 AM St. Andrew's Church Florilla and Freddie Putvain by Patty Gardner
Friday September 25 8:00 AM St. Andrew's Church Mike Wood by Marsha Wood
Saturday September 26 4:00 PM St. Andrew's Church All Parishioners and Visitors
Saturday September 26 6:00 PM Our Lady of the Snows Donna Dalton
Sunday September 27 9:00 AM St. Andrew's Church John and Marlis Brady by Diana Whitney
Sunday September 27 11:00 AM St. Patrick's Church Michael Kirk by Kathleen Basile

Last Weekends Collections

Parish Offertory Insurance Fuel
St. Andrew Parish Offertory $912; Online Giving $210; Catholic University of America $155 $76
Our Lady of the Snows/Saint Patrick Parish Offertory $722; Online Giving $180 $10

Dear Parishioners,

It has been a roller coaster week! First of all, it was my first full week of teaching at Rice. As I mentioned before, I was very apprehensive about it. Teaching 25 students in the gym with other classes being taught at the same time seemed like working on a leaking gas and oil: you might be able to do some good, but it’s definitely going to be a mess, and it might explode! Well, turns out the car is air-tight and well-tuned. The class has been a joy! The students have been very professional, have shown a lot of interest, and even said a few times that the questions we’re looking at have been ones that they’ve been interested in for a long time!

Also, a big thank you to Mark Baglini and Kathleen Cosentino for some additional work that they’ve put in at OLS. The bushes along the walkway look great, as do the light fixtures and painted posts. The grounds all just look refreshingly sharp. Plans are in the works to fix the crumbling sidewalk blocks, as well. Another thank you, this time to Theresa Wood for organizing the removal of the evergreens in front of the rectory here at St. Andrew’s. The bright fall air streams into the front office now, and the front of the building feels more open…and dirty! I was wondering if anyone has a power washer I could borrow? The dust has become less of an issue down this way on main street, so it would be worth it, I think. Let me know.

The next Faith Series, on C. S. Lewis, is fast approaching. As I mentioned before, we’ll take a look at some of the first chapters in his Mere Christianity, a book adapted from radio addresses that Lewis gave during World War II. Lewis brilliantly illuminates key questions on morality, God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. (Schedule details below).

After its posting went out on Front Porch forum, we’ve had a couple inquiries and sign-ups for it. I’m super excited about that. Let me clarify a few questions, in case people ask you. The faith series is open to anyone. No requirement to be Catholic, Christian, or even a believer. The content will be Christian, of course, but if you’re willing to listen and consider, you’re more than welcome to come! One of the great things about C. S. Lewis is that he was himself an atheist for years, and so he begins his book by addressing, not even believers, but simply the thoughtful person. So the more the merrier. Bring your friends. We have plenty of room to space out in St. Leo’s Hall.

Quick update on the bishop’s fund: OLS and St. Patrick’s are at 56% of their goal, and St. Andrew’s is at 62%. Thanks to all who contributed. Stay tuned for details on the Christ our Hope capital campaign.

For the calendar:

The Faith Series on Mere Christianity every Wednesday night from September 23 – October 28, from 6:30 to 7:30 here at St. Leo’s Hall. For those unable to be here in person, feel free to Zoom in. Please email Marie at rccoffice@gmavt.net for the login info.

SundaySeptember 27th, at 4:30 pm. Orientation meeting for all those to be Confirmed in 2021.

May God fill your lives with His grace, wisdom, and truth.

In His Heart,

Fr. Matthew


Reception of Holy Communion

A quick update on Bishop Coyne’s Diocesan protocols for the distribution of Holy Communion: for those who wish to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, please come up at the end of the communion line.  Thank you!

Prayers for the Sick

We pray for Isaiah Callan, Daniel Caplinger, Heidi Cervantes, Chandler, Suzie Clark, Colin Kenneth Cote, Janet DiBlasi, Sue Ellsasser, Jason Fowler, Raven Fowler, Jan Gendreau, Alison Henry, Pauline Hodgdon, John Hofmann, Brian Kellett, Wayne Lacaillade, Ann Lamarch, Grace Lee, Bernard Mahan, Patrick McNamara, Frank Miller, Scott Miller, Sidnia Orton, Joan Potter, Jim Pratt, Rob Scharges, Annette Schultz, and Nasaiah Torres. If you know of anyone who would like a Communion visit, please let us know.

Confession times are as Follows:

Saturdays from 3:15 to 3:45 PM at St. Andrew and by appointment at either parish.  Wearing a mask is also required for confessions.

40 Days for Life

From September 23 – November 1, 2020, our community will once again unite through fasting, prayer and peaceful vigil with many others from coast to coast for a major simultaneous pro-life mobilization – the 40 Days for Life campaign. The Fall Campaign will be held daily at Planned Parenthood (Barre Health Center), sidewalk right-of-way, 90 Washington Street in Barre from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. (Clinic hours of operation: Monday – Wednesday, & Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM) There will be a Barre Kick Off Rally on Sunday, September 20 at 3:00 PM at the sidewalk right-of-way in front of Planned Parenthood, 90 Washington Street, Barre. For more information go to https://www.40daysforlife.com/barre

Do you need help paying past due utility bills because of COVID-19?

If you have suffered economic hardship from COVID-19, financial assistance may be available through the Vermont Covid-19 Arrearage Assistance program through the Vermont Department of Public Service. The program provides eligible Vermont utility ratepayers served by a fixed-line telephone service (including Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom), Vermont electric, natural gas, or a private water company with a grant to assist with past-due balances. Both residential and non-residential (but not governmental entities) applicants may apply.  You must apply online through the State of Vermont before November 30, 2020.  Visit the Vermont Department of Public Service website (https://publicservice.vermont.gov/) for more information, program eligibility and to access the online application.

Could you offer a temporary home to an Asylum Seeker?

Since October of 2019, the Asylum Seekers Assistance Network of Montpelier has hosted individuals who were forced to flee their home country, and hope to be granted permanent residency in the US.  Our many volunteers have provided housing, financial support, transportation, language interpretation, legal assistance, medical care, educational support, job training, and friendship to these wonderful families.   If providing a home to an asylum seeker interests you, and you would like to explore the possibility further, please email us at cvran910@gmail.com or call Diane Fitch at (937) 344-3100 or Pam Walker at (802) 917-4763.

Christ our Hope Campaign

Proverbs 28:27:  “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.” God calls us to support the most vulnerable among us and the Christ Our Hope: Building a Vibrant Church campaign offers us the opportunity to do that. A portion of the dollars raised will fund an endowment for Catholic Charities so it may expand its ability to serve the needy. This is a pressing need because Catholic Charities cannot serve on average 70 families or 280 people per month.  Beyond that need, the campaign offers great hope at home here at our home parish, as sixty cents of every dollar will come back to us. While considering your gift, it’s worth remembering that a key provision of the CARES Act states that a donor may deduct 100% of any gift to a qualified charity against their 2020 adjusted gross income. Please note this deduction expires at the end of 2020.

Reminder of Church Protocols

Bishop Coyne and the Covid-19 Diocesan committee issued Phase II Protocols for liturgical celebrations. While the State has now raised church attendance to 50%, the Diocese still maintains at present no greater than 25% capacity. A new protocol allows for communion to be brought to the sick/shut-ins. Ushers and greeters or the priest should greet people with a “hello” or a nod but should not carry a conversation at the doors of the church BEFORE or AFTER Mass.  Communal singing is NOT to be encouraged (do not announce hymns).  Hymnals are provided (and replaced at St. Andrew between the 4:00 PM and 9:00 AM Masses) for following along with the readings and hymns.  Non-liturgical and non-devotional gatherings may resume at this time following the proper physical distancing, hand-sanitizing and mask protocols with no more than 25 people regardless of seating capacity.  Lectors are to be seated in the body of the church and wear a mask.  They are to take off their mask before coming into the sanctuary.  

We continue to ask parishioners to call or email the rectory to sign up for weekend masses.  Please place your request by Friday.  (rectory Phone:  802-244-7734; Email: rccoffice@gmavt.net.)   Also, try to arrive at Mass a little earlier than usual (this helps with distancing and makes it easier for the greeters to seat people especially when some might not have indicated their plans to attend). 

The obligation to attend Sunday mass remains lifted especially if you are part of a vulnerable population and/or have an underlying health condition.  Stay home if you are sick or not feeling well.  Remember to:

  • Wear a mask at Mass – we ask that you bring your own, but we will have extra masks available.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering
  • If an offertory collection is to be taken, baskets will be placed at each entrance to receive your donation as you leave.
  • Sit in designated pews and respect social distancing (six feet or more, unless you are a one family unit).  Refrain from congregating in tight areas or entering cordoned off areas.

  • Follow the protocols for receiving Holy Communion as directed at Mass – as listed on a sheet located in the designated pews along with the hymnals.  


A Prayer for Protection in Time of Pandemic 

O Mary, you always brighten our path as a sign of salvation and of hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick, who, at the Cross, took part in Jesus’ pain while remaining steadfast in faith.

O loving Mother, you know what we need, and we are confident you will provide for us as at Cana in Galilee.

Intercede for us with your Son Jesus, the Divine Physician, for those who have fallen ill, for those who are vulnerable, and for those who have died.

Intercede also for those charged with protecting the health and safety of others and for those who are tending to the sick and seeking a cure.

Help us, O Mother of Divine Love, to conform to the will of the Father
and to do as we are told by Jesus, who took upon himself our sufferings and carried our sorrows, so as to lead us, through the Cross, to the glory of the Resurrection. Amen.

Under thy protection we seek refuge, O Holy Mother of God.
In our needs, despise not our petitions, but deliver us always from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.

(Adapted from the prayer of Pope Francis)

  Continued Gratitude for Your Generosity!

Thank you for your donations by mail, online, or drop-offs to our mailbox at the rectory – through your generosity we continue to pay our bills without having to deplete our savings.  Our offices remain open to receive your calls and emails.  Let us know if we can help you in any way.     

You can make your Offertory donations on line through this parish website.  Select the “Giving” option for your parish at the top right side of the home page. Enter your personal information and how often you wish to give. You can also make a “quick-give, one time” donation.  Need help?  Call us (244-7734).  Thank you!


Prayer Cards Available in Our Churches

We have a supply of prayer cards for you to take home for your use or for anyone you know who might not be able to come to Mass right now; one has a Prayer at the Time of a Pandemic and the other has a Prayer for Spiritual Communion.  Take as many as you wish.


Daily Rosary Apostolate

The Diocese continues to offer a daily Rosary online.  Individuals from around the diocese have been joining Valerie Parzyck in leading each day.  Interested?  Here’s the details:

“I would love it if you would schedule a time with me to record a Rosary. What does that look like exactly? It’s very simple! You email me with convenient times for you and once it is scheduled I will send you a link to Zoom for the appointed time. You may choose to show your face or, if you’d prefer, I can show slides for each mystery while we pray.    If this is something you would like to participate in, please contact me. You can email me with a time that works for you and we can schedule it. Please email me at vparzyck@vermontcatholic.org “

Do We Have Your Current Email?

Emails are the most efficient way for us to communicate with you.  If you are not currently receiving weekly email updates from us let us know  – just send an email request to the rectory office at:  rccoffice@gmavt.net and we will add you to our list.

Join The Diocesan Young Adult Email List!

We want to connect with you!  And we want to help connect you to other Catholic young adults in the Diocese of Burlington.  Please fill out this brief contact form so we can keep in touch about opportunities for young adults in Vermont.  If you know a young adult who may be interested, please refer them to this form!

Facebook is our most frequently used means of communication – please consider ‘liking’ us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/vermontcatholicyouth/


St. Andrew Parish On-Line T-Shirt Store

We now have our own T-Shirt Store!  Currently we have two themes available:  “Pray Always!”  brought back by popular demand, and a new design,  “Set the World Ablaze” .  Both are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.   You can check them out by clicking (or pasting to your web browser) the following link:


All proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will benefit our two parishes. 


The Inland See

The latest issue of “The Inland See” published by the Diocese of Burlington  is available to Download below.  Page 2 includes a listing of Online Ministry Opportunities available throughout the week.

Christ Our Hope – Building a Vibrant Church